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Another day.......
Monday, August 2, 2010

Today got my results for Higher Chinese....like shit sia so lan. Must get better results for PSLE . It's a MUST !!! Today so happy sia, had fun with all my frenz and they r Charlene Shang Hui Yi Qian Yu Ting and there is actually another girl but then I dun wish to say her name out. I hate her sia....I juz wanna move her table infront so that the poor Shang Hui can see the screen clearer then go kick my hand then i took her pencil case then teacher scold then kena scolded then tat TAN SI YAN so happy then keep laugh and laugh and laugh. Serve her rite lorh her lover go call her pig. HAHA !!!! : ) Btw wish everyone gd luck for examz...... : )

writtern @1:18 AM

Feel like killing myself !!!
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Many ppl sick nowadays me 2 . Feel so uncomfortable wth running nose cough fever n headache haizzz feel so tired 2 some more shang hui say i got H1N1....really meh wth all tis sickness ......but i dun tink so...... feel like killing myself coz can end my life n no more all tis sickness...haha yah im kinda siao

writtern @11:43 PM

Hi again !

Long time no post liao.....yah few days b4 when to causeway wth gwen wanxuan shanghui jo yiqian ...... yah n remember something kena whack by someone.....super pain sia.....already 6 days havent recover....got bruise somemore.....I HATE THE PERSON TO DEATH !!!! So scared sia friday prelim higher chinese exam.......regreting 4 taking higher chinese HATE EXAMS !! But still luv it coz can sit near my BFFs....haha so talking wont be a prob le

writtern @11:38 PM

Monday, July 5, 2010

I feel SO BORED !!!!I'm sick n MC 2 days ! No 1 on9 cos they r all at school . I wannna join them in school in the fun but I can't ! wat can I do ? No 1 is at home , I can do nothing but onli 2 play com secretly ........ They must be having fun at school n goin to 888 , Vista Point or Vista Park . I wanna join them !!!!!!!!!

writtern @8:46 PM

Let me go !!!
Sunday, July 4, 2010

I feel so.......(Dunnoe hw 2 describe) . Gwen keep forcing me to go her house but I cant then she say gen wo jue jiao . I really dk wat 2 do sia . She sound very serious . God pls save me!!!!

writtern @9:53 PM

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It have been 3 days since school reopen. I have a lot of fun with my frenz.Haha!N nw i dun miss my frenz!Ya! N yesterday , Gwen , Wan Xuan , Shang Hui , Yi Qian come my house sia so fun!!!Then we plat hide n seek then when they r hiding i go n call Char!Then they keep saying OK liao!Hahaha!But b4 they come my house we go vista park then vista point then after my house Wan Xuan house.

writtern @1:28 AM

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yay!I very happy!Charlene 4give me!Yay!It would be the happiest day of my life!

writtern @1:12 AM