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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why r ppl saying tat Ira like me?I totally don think so.He is like an old man with old man's spectacles acting as if he is tat clever!My taste is not as worst as Melvin's.Fancy him liking SI YAN.Talking abt Si Yan,she really really got me into trouble.Have the guts to scold ppl vulgar words and still dares to tell her mother and get her mother to call me and Char.Even asking me wat is wrong with her? I CAN LIST DOWN ALL:
  • act cute
  • act pretty
  • thought tat ownself is SOOO pretty
  • act in a manner tat ppl should love her
  • act clever
  • scolding bad words
  • act sexy
  • wear mini skirt
  • hang out with boys e.g. Karnan,Rusydan......
  • show off
  • act cool
  • like tat JongHyun
  • love to be jealous
  • snatch ppl's fren but others can't do tat to her
  • short-tempered

The only thing i can say to her is : I Hate U!!!

writtern @3:37 AM