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Feel like killing myself !!!
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Many ppl sick nowadays me 2 . Feel so uncomfortable wth running nose cough fever n headache haizzz feel so tired 2 some more shang hui say i got H1N1....really meh wth all tis sickness ......but i dun tink so...... feel like killing myself coz can end my life n no more all tis sickness...haha yah im kinda siao

writtern @11:43 PM

Hi again !

Long time no post liao.....yah few days b4 when to causeway wth gwen wanxuan shanghui jo yiqian ...... yah n remember something kena whack by someone.....super pain sia.....already 6 days havent recover....got bruise somemore.....I HATE THE PERSON TO DEATH !!!! So scared sia friday prelim higher chinese exam.......regreting 4 taking higher chinese HATE EXAMS !! But still luv it coz can sit near my BFFs....haha so talking wont be a prob le

writtern @11:38 PM

Monday, July 5, 2010

I feel SO BORED !!!!I'm sick n MC 2 days ! No 1 on9 cos they r all at school . I wannna join them in school in the fun but I can't ! wat can I do ? No 1 is at home , I can do nothing but onli 2 play com secretly ........ They must be having fun at school n goin to 888 , Vista Point or Vista Park . I wanna join them !!!!!!!!!

writtern @8:46 PM

Let me go !!!
Sunday, July 4, 2010

I feel so.......(Dunnoe hw 2 describe) . Gwen keep forcing me to go her house but I cant then she say gen wo jue jiao . I really dk wat 2 do sia . She sound very serious . God pls save me!!!!

writtern @9:53 PM