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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It have been 3 days since school reopen. I have a lot of fun with my frenz.Haha!N nw i dun miss my frenz!Ya! N yesterday , Gwen , Wan Xuan , Shang Hui , Yi Qian come my house sia so fun!!!Then we plat hide n seek then when they r hiding i go n call Char!Then they keep saying OK liao!Hahaha!But b4 they come my house we go vista park then vista point then after my house Wan Xuan house.

writtern @1:28 AM

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yay!I very happy!Charlene 4give me!Yay!It would be the happiest day of my life!

writtern @1:12 AM

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tis is 4 Charlene.Srry abt that day,Monday,14/6/2010.Pls 4give me.I really fren si yan.I use block letters is cos of my small letter.It has too many emo in it like the A which is green in colour.I hate it that is y i use block letters.I really fren si yan. It is not cos of u n yq fren.It is really my own decision.I have think abt it.You r rite.Si Yan did not do any thing wrong.The incident is oso the past.I really fren Si yan frm the deepest of my heart.Pls 4give me.I noe I am wrong.I really dun wish to lose u as a fren.Char,pls 4 give me.

For All:Pls comment I wanna let every one noe tat I really feel srry
and I hope tat Char will 4give me.

writtern @9:12 PM

Am I going to lost a fren?

Yesterday I had a sort of fight with Charlene and Shang Hui.Today I talk to Shang Hui and she 4give me.But yesterday when i talk to Charlene,she ignore me.Then she started talking to me.But she seems very angry.Im scared tat I will lost tis fren. Char if u saw tis pls 4 give me.I dun wish to lose u as a fren.gtg.bb.

writtern @9:02 PM

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nowadays Charlene is quite quiet in the morning.I was thinking if something happen and make her very sad or wat.Today is onli the first day of school and i really miss all my BBBFFs.They are:Wanxuan,Charlene,Gwendolen,Shang Hui,Jovita,Yi Qian,Yu Ting................NVM i will bear with it.2 more weeks and i will be able to meet them on the 28 of June!GTG!!BB!!

writtern @9:36 PM